Breakwater - Tanah Merah | Oriental Sheet Piling

About The Project

For the structure to serve the purpose and support the dynamic force of waves and current, a 350 meters pipe wall (Ø 1200*19 mm and up to 51 mtr single length) was fabricated at our plant in Pulau Indah, Malaysia.

Another challenge for this continuous pipe wall was to use thick and heavy “PP” clutch solution. Due to the ratio of OD and thickness decision was make to use seamless pipe as clutch material, production team had to work closely with main contractor to ensure the quality of the welds and the straightness integrity of the wall.

Fabrication work was followed by blasting and coating work to ensure corrosion properties in marine environment and lifetime as set by consultant.

Last but not least, our operation team constantly follow-up the whole process, timely update related parties on the progress and coordinate with logistics to bring long length pipes (up to 51 mtr) by barge till to the final site for piling. Close coordination was required to avoid any disruption of piling work at site.


Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal is located at the south-eastern of Singapore. It is just 6.83 kilo-metre from Singapore Changi Airport.

Tanah Merah ferry terminal is another entry point for regional ferries entering to and departing from Singapore. It is the main access point to the neighbour Island destinations, namely Batam, Bintan, Tanjung Pinang and Malaysia Pengelih.

Due to the increasing of traffic, design and built of a breakwater was commissioned by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore in 2017.


The purpose of breakwater is to forming an artificial harbour with a basin as protection from the effect of waves. It will help to reduce the intensity of wave action in inshore waters and thereby to reduce coastal erosion or provide safe harbourage.

Tanah Merah | Singapore

Owner Marine Port Authority
Construction Contractor Toa Corp
Address 50 Tanah Merah Ferry Rd, 498833 Singapore
Sheet Piles Steel Pipe Pile OD1200mm x 19mm / OD1000mm x 19mm / OD900mm x 16mm with PP Interlock
Total Tones 5,056 Mton
Periods September – December 2017