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Settling for nothing less than pioneering the best solutions available, OSP alongside Oriental Steel Pipes was the 1st company in Asia to produce heavy gauge, large diameter spiral steel pipe piles in lengths up to 100m. The innovation doesn’t stop there: OSP pioneered pipe piles as a foundation solution within our regional markets as well.


Driven by the ambition to provide for all types of foundation steel requirements, OSP has built a modern and automated spiral pipe plant strategically located with water-front access.

A collaborative effort with

Oriental Steel Pipes
In cooperation with Oriental Steel Pipes, OSP is able to offer our very own signature pipe and sheet pile combination wall. These go beyond the regular application and allow us to offer even stronger foundation solutions for any project, whether land or sea.
Find out how this has made all the difference for foundation projects here.

How do we keep our industry leading
services on point?

Through the unique value-added service we

1. Technical support including design of the
retaining solution and/or bearing capacity,
proposing piles with optimised size, thickness
and spacing
2. Quality fabrication services, allowing for
proper execution of king piles / sheet pile
connection details

3. High quality welding by trained and
certified personnel with extensive experience

4. Technical installation support, including
driving plans, method statements and
assistance in the choice of driving equipment

Production Flow

Through thorough research, innovation and experience, we have optimised our production flow to have the entire manufacturing process done on a single site, as well as specialists trained in every aspect in order to ensure speedy and smooth manufacturing and processing.
The OSP pipe production flow – all done on-site
Commitment to quality and consistency is reflected in the strict quality procedures deployed, including verifying quality of raw material intake, strictly controlling the forming process and on-site final product control to ensure dimensional as well as internal soundness. Oriental Steel Pipe strictly complies with all necessary production management, environmental requirements and health and safety regulations.
Get in touch with our foundation solutions team to find out how pipes and sheet piles are the stronger, faster and easier foundation solution for projects all around.