Highway & Bridge - Marina Coastal Expressway | Oriental Sheet Piling

About The Project

The Marina Coastal Expressway acts as an infrastructure complement towards major new attractions in Singapore such as Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay by allowing commuters much more convenient access.

Steel Sheet Pile Retaining Wall

OSP was commissioned to provide technical assistance for fabrication and executions details including a successful test drive of our 60m long retaining wall structures, using a combination of pipe piles and steel sheet piles to create a pipe-sheet pile combination wall system.

By capitalising on the partnership that OSP has with Oriental Steel Pipes, our team is able to effectively and efficiently supply both products necessary for the combined wall system. The result is efficient internal communication, quick and seamless delivery as well as overall broad technical support for all aspects of this project.

Strutting Systems

What was particular crucial in this project was an effective strutting system in order to support the retaining wall structure. Beam struts were chosen for their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

By incorporating this throughout the retaining combined wall system, installation and support for the entire project went through smoothly. OSP is committed to providing these additional services, as well as advising on their utility at all stages.

Marina Coastal Expressway | Singapore

Owner Dealim Industrial Co. Ltd
Address Marina Coastal Expressway
Type of Sheet Pile & Pipe Piles use AZ18-700 and AZ38
Ø=1400mm, 16mm thickness, 18m L max
Total Tones 33363 Mton