Hospital Putrajaya Extension Project – Oriental Sheet Piling

About The Project

Putrajaya is the administration office for Malaysia.
More & more people recognize this capital city & plan to stay here as their 2nd home.
There is a need on hospitality expansion & improvement toward international 1st class standard.
In this hospital expansion project, there is a 100mr slope near to the ongoing construction
building which less than 1.0m from piling works alignment line.
After considering the geometrical & environmental issue,
SILENT PILER is chose thanks to the noise control system.
DPM Engineering S/B is giving the opportunity to participate
into this project – as supply & installation works.

Steel Sheet Pile Type 4 Retaining Wall

The sheet pile retaining wall height is ranging from 3m to 4m.
Due to the limited working space for piling works and the soil condition is not good, to ensure the retaining wall is well protected and sustainable, DPM Engineering provided 12m length of Type IV steel sheet pile, with the support of soil nailing system.

Elevation & Construction stages drawing (wall type 2A/2B/3 & 4)

Hospital Putrajaya | Malaysia

Owner Jabatan Kerja Raya Malaysia
Address Hospital Putrajaya
Sheet Piles Type IV x 12mL x 300mt
Retain Height 3m to 4m