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We’re not shy to admit

that the services we provide at OSP are nothing if not comprehensive. They’re one-of- a-kind solutions, customised for every project, every requirement and every need.

Unprotected steel in the atmosphere, water or soil is subject to corrosion that may lead to damage. Depending on life-time requirements and accessibility of the structure, OSP is able to technically advise on what method should be used to enhance durability. The classical method of corrosion protection for steel sheet piling is surface coating.

On top of that, our team at OSP is equally equipped to offer alternative solutions to increase the durability and corrosion resistance of any project. Get in touch to find out more.

The amazing thing about our foundation steel solutions are the fact that they come in a wide variety of specifications and can be further modified according to the specific environmental conditions or overarching design framework of the construction project.

As the One Stop Foundation Solutions Provider, we are committed to bring results that are tailored and customised to meet any requirement.


Steel sheet piles themselves are completely impervious to water flow. The only possibility of water infiltrating through a sheet pile wall is by penetration through their interlocks. In response to this, ArcelorMittal and OSP supply hot-rolled steel sheet piles the Larssen interlocks naturally provides high seepage resistance.
Due to the limitations of the production process of cold-formed steel sheet pile, most competitor sheet piles have interlocks between pieces that are larger, resulting in less water-retention/breakwater capabilities as compared to hot-rolled steel sheet pile. This is where OSP’s commitment to providing foundation steel solutions through innovation comes in: we have fine-tuned our solution to provide the best of both worlds, by enhancing the water-tightness of cold formed steel sheet pile while still being able to keep the product extremely cost-efficient.

Installation Support

Without the proper expertise and technical support, undesirable technical issues and problems can arise in the transportation and installation process, leading to unnecessary logistics issues. Wary of this, OSP has always branded itself as a team that specialises in providing effective achievable solutions and results. This is especially true when there are complex technical demands involved.


OSP’s comprehensive understanding of

After all, that’s our commitment as the One Stop Foundations Solutions provider

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