River Canalisation - Tano Ponggol | Oriental Sheet Piling

About The Project

This is one of the strategic project that was built by President Jokowi, to accelerate the development of Lake Toba area in North Sumatra into a main tourist destination in the country, as Monaco of Asia. The project place is in Lake Toba, Pangururan, Samosir Regency. The funding is sourced from APBN, with a contract value around Rp. 313 billion. The construction period is 730 days (Year 2018 – 2019) and executed by local contractors, Joint Operation of PT Basuki Rahmanta Putra and PT Sac Nusantara.
Canal section drawing

The project plan (refer to the Canal section drawing) is to widen the canal into 80m along the way around 1.2 km with depth about 8m, so the tourism vessels with 2000 DWT and other ships can go around Lake Toba through Tano Ponggol to connect the mainland of the island of Sumatra with the island of Samosir, they will build a large bridge with a span of 100m. Besides that, on the left and right side of Tano Ponggol, there was a planned to build commercial area, called Promenade Tano Ponggol.


PT Oriental Sheet Piling is the trusted Cold Formed Steel Sheet Piles supplier to this project. OZ36 type sheet piles were chosen for this project due to OZ type sheet piles can prevent the reduction of the oblique moment which usually happened due to the soft soil condition. The active force of the soil can push the position of installed sheet piles, so it is change and affect the moment capacity of the sheet pile itself. Not at all, it is also due to the developer satisfied with the experience use of OZ type sheet piles in other projects they did before. Therefore, it is encourage using the OZ type sheet pile in its project again.

Due to the transportation difficulties to deliver 18m length of steel sheet pile, therefore, have to break steel sheet pile into 9m + 9m length deliver to the site. After the delivery, 9m length of steel sheet pile will be installing first, after completion, will do the standing joint. Once standing joint completed, contractor will do the second 9m length steel sheet pile installation. All installation will use excavator vibro and diesel hammer to install the sheet piles.
Standing joining 9m + 9m
length steel sheet piles
Steel sheet piles installation
using Excavator Vibro and Diesel Hammer

Tano Ponggol | North Sumatera, Indonesia

Owner Public Works
Construction Contractor Joint Operation of PT Basuki Rahmanta Putra and PT Sac Nusantara
Address Lake Toba, Pangururan, Samosir Regency
Sheet Piles OZ36 x 9M (will be joint into 18m length)
Dredging Level: 8m
Total Tones 4,703.265 Mton