River Canalisation, Ladpho Watergate | Oriental Sheet Piling

About The Project

The Ladpho flood gate project, initiated by His Majesty, is a short cut allowing water from the Chao Phraya River to reach the sea faster. It is built on the ancient Ladpho Canal dug during the Ayudhaya period and involves widening the canal and installing flood gates. The Klong Ladpho flood gates, operating since 2006, help shorten the journey to only 600-metre taking 10 minutes and alleviate flooding problems in Bangkok and Samut Prakan.

Steel Sheet Pile Supplier

This is an exclusive project for Oriental Sheet Piling Thailand and it is the first time AZ50 hot rolled steel sheet pile was selected to apply in this project.


The used of AZ50 because the large width of steel sheet pile, resulting in good installation performance, good in corrosion resistance and the steel thickest at the critical corrosion points. In addition, AZ50 was used to build the retaining wall 12m height with incline beam H400x400 length 24m at 1.5m topping, with concrete capping beam size 1.2x2.0m along 63 meter project length.



To driving AZ50 steel sheet pile length 24m, Vibratory Hammer was selected because it is the fastest and effective method of piling installation especially performs on loose or cohesiveness soil conditions.
AZ50 steel sheet pile use for retaining wall

Ladpho Watergate | Thailand

Owner Royal Irrigation Department
Construction Contractor Toolsact co,ltd.
Sheet Piles AZ50
Address Ladpho Watergate Samuthprakarn
Total Tones 273 Mton
Periods 6 months