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What kind of strutting system does your project need?

As a general rule of thumb, shorter strut lengths will benefit from beams as there are more connection possibilities, the ability to support vertical alongside easier installation; while pipes are more suited to longer strut lengths as they require less intermediate support by the primary kingpost and save a significant amount of weight. Of course, there will be necessary exceptions to this generalisation, including the possibility of utilising tie-rods instead.

By excluding soil and/or water from the excavation work happening below, strutting systems act as the silent guardians, the watchful protectors in ensuring that the stability of retaining walls are not compromised for particularly demanding retaining wall loads. OSP can specifically provide either beam or pipe struts, opening up a wide variety of options to suit even the most load-heavy project needs.

The design of our strutting systems are rooted in OSP’s grounded understanding of the relationship between soil and structure interaction. Strutting systems are the preferred option when it comes to land excavation related projects, being the better solution for potential soil movement and waving mid- project, caused by certain soft soil conditions.

Excavation with Struts

Components Combination

Further combinations of various components can be used to support the main retaining wall and anchorage system installed. Walings are in this way a great example of distributing the structural loading from props and anchorage systems to the sheet pile retaining wall.

Contact our OSP team to find out whether a strutting system is the hero your project deserves, but also the one your project needs right now.

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