Tie Rods | Oriental Sheet Piling

Support Demands

Where support demands for a project go above and beyond, anchorage systems can be installed in order to provide that support. OSP is committed to ensure that anchorage systems when installed are designed to provide sufficient resistance to movement and sufficient resistance to satisfy ultimate limit state loads in the anchorage.

Sheet Pile Structure

Sheet pile structures such as retaining wall are generally installed independently without any additional support installed, also known as a cantilever (as seen above).

Whenever additional support is required, anchored or structured sheet pile structures can be designed and installed instead. These support systems help us to ensure that projects go smoothly and securely.

Tie rods as an anchorage system are typically applied in the context of harbours, wharves, jetties, river embankments or water-based projects in general. When waves don’t die, tie rods can provide the supplementary support required and are seamlessly integrated into our retaining wall structures for easy installation.

These permanent or large retaining walls are often tied back to an anchor wall installed a certain distance behind the main wall. The image below shows a typical horizontal tie-rod connection for U-section sheet pile walls.

Let those waves crash here for a moment, your project won’t need to own it with the tried and true strength of the tie-rod, alongside technical support OSP is here to provide.

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